Christmas decorated warm living room

After Christmas dinner, of course, I would also like to chat with family and friends in the living room. So the layout of the living room is also very important. Usually we will buy a Christmas tree in the living room or foyer, and add some small ornaments and decorations on the Christmas tree. However, the Christmas arrangement of the living room is by no means merely a large ornament such as a pine branch and a pine tree. The most popular practice is to place a small Christmas tree at home and hang some Christmas decorations on the coffee table, sofa or wall. .

The Christmas living room is still dominated by warm colors. In addition to the indispensable Christmas tree, other accessories are also eye-catching. The coffee cup on the coffee table, the delicate tray on the TV cabinet, the orange money deer lamp on the table, the wall paintings, garlands, and cushions in warm colors will make you feel good and warm.

If your home’s sofa is very colorful, such as pure white or cream yellow, buy a few bright sofa covers to brighten the space. Sofa cover cloth is a very practical thing, you can give your family a face during the holiday season. The sofa cover can be used as a spare part when it is being washed and washed, and it can also be used as a carpet when it is in winter.


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