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Founded in 2014, Oushine Industrial Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that manufactures all kinds of optical fiber luminescent products. Fiber optic illuminating products are widely used in various stage costumes, exotic toys, car decoration, home decoration, creative decoration gifts, pet supplies, and commercial Products and other industries.
Fiber optic luminescent products have unique product characteristics. (similar to cloth)
App on clothing. Such as: luminous clothes, luminous tie, shiny shoes, luminous bow tie…..
Application on toys. Such as: luminous toys, luminous dolls, luminous toy shoes.
Automotive decoration applications. Such as: car sunroof, car interior atmosphere lights, car decoration lights, etc.
Home decoration applications such as: luminous creative curtains, luminous pillows, luminous tablecloths, illuminated chair covers, lighting fixtures, etc.
Creative decorative gift applications such as: luminous masks, luminous hoods, illuminated greeting cards, etc.
Pet products such as: Glowing pet clothing, glowing pet rope, glowing pet lunch box, glowing pet cabin
Commercial products such as: luminescent wine bottle sets, illuminating product packaging, luminous creative decoration, etc.

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